Monday, March 13, 2023

Smiles for miles! But did they count?

 Took off on a pedal around the neighborhood this morning. Did all my usual neighborhood ride prep stuff, checked tires, filled water bottle, got my earbuds, activated my Trailforks app to record my mileage and route.

I try to never take the exact same route each time. I keep certain sections on every ride, but link them differently. Mix it up, change the scenery, don't look like the weird neighbor casing the place...that sorta thing.

It felt a little cooler than the thermometer indicated, but other than that...a SPECTACULAR day. Beautiful, I was happy to be in it. Pedaled hard through flats, enjoyed the rush of downhills, even the climbs were good. The only way the ride could have been better was if it weren't on the road, but any ride is a good ride, and I'll take all I can get.

Back home, ride is done. AMPED! Based off previous, similar, but different routes, I figured it was a 13 to 15 miler! Not too shabby for single speed mountain bike on the road. Dismount, fish my phone out of my pocket to check my appraisal, pull up the app, and...I DIDN'T ACTUALLY HIT "START"! WTF?!?! Ride wasn't recorded.

I felt myself deflate a little. Bummed. Why? The ride happened, I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. Did the lack of digital confirmation somehow remove validation? "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The philosopher George Berkeley pondered this in the 1600s, he believed yes it did, because God heard it.

I'm no believer, but I do have an inexplicable, and somewhat insatiable, need for validation...



Still not a believer. It happened, I know it, MORE than good enough. Self validation? What a concept!

Have Fun!


  1. Singles speeds are a challenge, but I'm not a great rider, and I think I used a lot mental energy use dealing with gears. SS is more relaxing.

    1. Also, you live in maybe the best place for off-road bike rides.