Monday, April 3, 2023

Whatever gets you through the night...

My family and I attended a memorial service this weekend. It's been a minute since I was in a church, with any luck it will be quite a while longer before I'm back. Confirmation of your beliefs, or more to the point, lack thereof, can be a bit jarring. Loud, brutal thoughts stomped through my skull, "They do know it's 2023 right?", "Who wrote this?" After, we were standing in the lobby glancing about at various bits of "literature" and decor that seemed anything but "Christian". Don't get it, never have.

I could rant, and I have, extensively about the hypocrisy of the embracers of faith. But why? It's certainly not a religious exclusive. The human animal is a marvelously, complicatedly flawed, mixed bag of meat and poo. We're all just trying figure out how to fill in the slow bits, between the good parts, until the show's over. It just seems you oughta follow your own rule book if that's the game you're gonna play...just sayin'. Maybe start with "Love thy Neighbor" or "Do unto others"...something simple.

Have Fun.

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  1. I've seen some fairly offensive literature in the lobbies of Catholic churches. Like horrible.