Wednesday, December 13, 2023

As usual...

 As usual, I start out with good intentions. "I'm gonna write!" "Digi-journaling...that's a great idea!" Then...crickets. Quick peek shows the last "entry" was in April. 8 months? That's not timely? Meh. Why fight the inevitable? I likely won't do this on the regular, but I'm doing it now, so PARTICIPATION TROPHY for me!

Stolen Image I Tweaked...

Aight. So what's been happening? Still helping out my friends at GTown Cap Co. with some graphical freelancery. I enjoy doing the work, and am stoked for the opportunities. Thanks y'all if you ever read this.

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't gotten a lot of personal graphic stuff done, but that's picking back up. As usual, when I get into something I wanna start designing t-shirts for whatever it is. I've been riding my bike

I call it "Vacation"...ay ay aayyy...

(I got a new one in August) a lot this year, so I've been brainchurning on Mountain Bike t-shirt designs. Got a few up in the Threadless Shop, going with the brand name "Hardtail Hooligans", check em out.

Riding my bike? I'm right at 1000 miles in this, the first year I've ever kept track of such a thing. Honestly, I can't think of any time in my life when I've ridden more. Now's about the time that if I believed in such stuff I'd throw in a #blessed...but I don't. I am however STUPENDOUSLY grateful for it. Riding is a full workout (I hate that word) for me. Body and Brain. Helps knock off the rough and crusty bits. I crave it, and get a bit buggy these days if I don't get to for a while. More (s)miles to go.

On the real life front, we're in about the 4th week of a home renovation project. I'm pretty sure we resigned ourselves to the fact that it would suck on some levels, and it has. Having our house tore up, semi-unusable,  dirty, with strangers constantly around, and being on lock down with it all has mostly only been moderately rankling. Mostly. The upside is that our house, at least this part of it, is now how it should have always been and we are happy! Now if everyone would just go away and let me put my couch  and TV back where they go. Who knew you could miss your living room so much?

Reckon I'll go and head back under my rock for a while now. Not promising anything, but maybe I'll come out more often. Maybe not.

Have Fun!

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