Friday, December 15, 2023

"Cycology" (Cheesy t-shirt rip off)

@ Miller Springs Nature Center 12/14/23

 I saw it on a t-shirt. Cycology. The 'joke' being that riding your bike is good for your mental health. Not much to be said about that but, "Yep."

I previously noted that we're in the 4th, soon to be 5th week of a home renovation project. First world problems. I've been house sitting the various crews. No big deal, except shorter days means no riding. Apparently I've grown quite dependent on my rides. I've been noticeably anxious to others. "You ok?" "No."

Got out yesterday. Was trying to hit 15 miles, didn't make it, but by the end didn't care. I got 12. There are times I fancy myself good with words, this isn't one of them. I don't have enough for how that ride felt. To say I needed it would be an understatement, as would it be to just say it was "fun". I know all these trails (except for the one new one I found...good work somebody), but they were something different yesterday, something more. They were an eraser and an I.V.. Took off the bad, pumped in the good.

I used to feel this with skateboarding. There's just something that happens and you're not really thinking, you're just being, flowing. You notice the effort you're putting out, but it is somehow effortless. Worries are gone, you just "are". Cheesy? Maybe, but I'll take it.

Have fun!

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