Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Goals...Who Knew?

 About midway through the year, maybe more, I noticed I'd ridden my bike close to 600 miles. At the time the whip of choice was my 15 year old VooDoo Bokor 27.5" single speed mountain bike. I decided I wanted to do more. I knew, as I may have mentioned, that riding was an all over good for me kinda thing. Told my wife I wanted to get a new, modern mountain bike, one with...shudder...GEARS! Thumbs up, and in August it was here,

1000 miles. That was the number. I was getting real close towards the end of November, and then there was an issue with the app (Trailforks) I've been using to keep track of my pedaling progression. The rides I was doing weren't saving. I'm ashamed to say it really put me in a bit of a funk. I knew the miles were "done", but no way to prove it. Tech support at Trailforks was super helpful and got things back on track, and all was right with the universe once again.

I hit it today. I was 3 miles away from it. I literally went out just to hit the number. Got a late start, stuff to do when I got done, workers back at the house the rest of the week, then putting the house back together, and oh yeah...Christmas. You know...EXCUSES. But "eff" that. (I do like to maintain a PG13 rating around here most of the time). Hit the goal, HONESTLY, was the plan. By "honestly", I mean I didn't wanna ride around the block a few times. Dirt under tires. I hit up the south side of my local trail system Miller Springs, the route was about 50/50 green to blue. Some challenging sections, some fast, all fun. I got it done.

Weird thing about goals? It feels good to make one. Who knew? It's almost as if one were to set out to achieve a series of goals in their lives, and they did it, their personal sense of worth and fulfillment would be enormously enriched! Maybe even just attempting to achieve one's goals could be empowering? Did y'all know about this stuff and nobody thought to tell me? I kinda hate it a little bit when the stuff they told you when you were a kid turns out to not be such bullshit after all.


Have Fun!

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