Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Always Been Crazy...

...but it's kept me from going insane.

I was listening to a cover version of this Waylon Jennings classic on the way to work this morning. No where near as good as the original...but it did conjure it's ghost.

Mrs. MMS and myself saw Waylon in a hotel lobby in Austin, TX a few weeks before his death. He was wheelchair bound and pretty tired looking. He was surrounded by who I assume was band and crew. Everyone was having drinks, and no shortage of laughs. Waylon was pretty quiet most of the time, listening, smiling. When he spoke though, everyone stopped to hear what he had to say. Maybe it was because he was the boss, but I'd like to think differently. He seemed like a bearded Yoda in a black hat. He had more years, miles, and stories than anyone in the area, and I bet, under the tired, a lot more "crazy".

I wanted to approach, and introduce myself...but for once in my typically uncouth life, I thought it rude. Somehow it was better to just watch, maybe learn? Dunno.

I think about that day sometimes, I wonder if I'll be regarded as the elder statesman, like Waylon...or just the old kook. I think about a lot of weird crap like that.

I've always been crazy, but...well you know the scoop.

Have Fun!