Monday, January 1, 2024

Let's do this...

 2024. What's the worst that could happen? Why're you laughing...or is that crying?

Resolutions? Don't be a dick, unless you really need to. Or, more eloquently, do better.

There. I did it. See ya later '23, hello '24.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Goals...Who Knew?

 About midway through the year, maybe more, I noticed I'd ridden my bike close to 600 miles. At the time the whip of choice was my 15 year old VooDoo Bokor 27.5" single speed mountain bike. I decided I wanted to do more. I knew, as I may have mentioned, that riding was an all over good for me kinda thing. Told my wife I wanted to get a new, modern mountain bike, one with...shudder...GEARS! Thumbs up, and in August it was here,

1000 miles. That was the number. I was getting real close towards the end of November, and then there was an issue with the app (Trailforks) I've been using to keep track of my pedaling progression. The rides I was doing weren't saving. I'm ashamed to say it really put me in a bit of a funk. I knew the miles were "done", but no way to prove it. Tech support at Trailforks was super helpful and got things back on track, and all was right with the universe once again.

I hit it today. I was 3 miles away from it. I literally went out just to hit the number. Got a late start, stuff to do when I got done, workers back at the house the rest of the week, then putting the house back together, and oh yeah...Christmas. You know...EXCUSES. But "eff" that. (I do like to maintain a PG13 rating around here most of the time). Hit the goal, HONESTLY, was the plan. By "honestly", I mean I didn't wanna ride around the block a few times. Dirt under tires. I hit up the south side of my local trail system Miller Springs, the route was about 50/50 green to blue. Some challenging sections, some fast, all fun. I got it done.

Weird thing about goals? It feels good to make one. Who knew? It's almost as if one were to set out to achieve a series of goals in their lives, and they did it, their personal sense of worth and fulfillment would be enormously enriched! Maybe even just attempting to achieve one's goals could be empowering? Did y'all know about this stuff and nobody thought to tell me? I kinda hate it a little bit when the stuff they told you when you were a kid turns out to not be such bullshit after all.


Have Fun!

Friday, December 15, 2023

"Cycology" (Cheesy t-shirt rip off)

@ Miller Springs Nature Center 12/14/23

 I saw it on a t-shirt. Cycology. The 'joke' being that riding your bike is good for your mental health. Not much to be said about that but, "Yep."

I previously noted that we're in the 4th, soon to be 5th week of a home renovation project. First world problems. I've been house sitting the various crews. No big deal, except shorter days means no riding. Apparently I've grown quite dependent on my rides. I've been noticeably anxious to others. "You ok?" "No."

Got out yesterday. Was trying to hit 15 miles, didn't make it, but by the end didn't care. I got 12. There are times I fancy myself good with words, this isn't one of them. I don't have enough for how that ride felt. To say I needed it would be an understatement, as would it be to just say it was "fun". I know all these trails (except for the one new one I found...good work somebody), but they were something different yesterday, something more. They were an eraser and an I.V.. Took off the bad, pumped in the good.

I used to feel this with skateboarding. There's just something that happens and you're not really thinking, you're just being, flowing. You notice the effort you're putting out, but it is somehow effortless. Worries are gone, you just "are". Cheesy? Maybe, but I'll take it.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

As usual...

 As usual, I start out with good intentions. "I'm gonna write!" "Digi-journaling...that's a great idea!" Then...crickets. Quick peek shows the last "entry" was in April. 8 months? That's not timely? Meh. Why fight the inevitable? I likely won't do this on the regular, but I'm doing it now, so PARTICIPATION TROPHY for me!

Stolen Image I Tweaked...

Aight. So what's been happening? Still helping out my friends at GTown Cap Co. with some graphical freelancery. I enjoy doing the work, and am stoked for the opportunities. Thanks y'all if you ever read this.

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't gotten a lot of personal graphic stuff done, but that's picking back up. As usual, when I get into something I wanna start designing t-shirts for whatever it is. I've been riding my bike

I call it "Vacation"...ay ay aayyy...

(I got a new one in August) a lot this year, so I've been brainchurning on Mountain Bike t-shirt designs. Got a few up in the Threadless Shop, going with the brand name "Hardtail Hooligans", check em out.

Riding my bike? I'm right at 1000 miles in this, the first year I've ever kept track of such a thing. Honestly, I can't think of any time in my life when I've ridden more. Now's about the time that if I believed in such stuff I'd throw in a #blessed...but I don't. I am however STUPENDOUSLY grateful for it. Riding is a full workout (I hate that word) for me. Body and Brain. Helps knock off the rough and crusty bits. I crave it, and get a bit buggy these days if I don't get to for a while. More (s)miles to go.

On the real life front, we're in about the 4th week of a home renovation project. I'm pretty sure we resigned ourselves to the fact that it would suck on some levels, and it has. Having our house tore up, semi-unusable,  dirty, with strangers constantly around, and being on lock down with it all has mostly only been moderately rankling. Mostly. The upside is that our house, at least this part of it, is now how it should have always been and we are happy! Now if everyone would just go away and let me put my couch  and TV back where they go. Who knew you could miss your living room so much?

Reckon I'll go and head back under my rock for a while now. Not promising anything, but maybe I'll come out more often. Maybe not.

Have Fun!

Monday, April 3, 2023

Whatever gets you through the night...

My family and I attended a memorial service this weekend. It's been a minute since I was in a church, with any luck it will be quite a while longer before I'm back. Confirmation of your beliefs, or more to the point, lack thereof, can be a bit jarring. Loud, brutal thoughts stomped through my skull, "They do know it's 2023 right?", "Who wrote this?" After, we were standing in the lobby glancing about at various bits of "literature" and decor that seemed anything but "Christian". Don't get it, never have.

I could rant, and I have, extensively about the hypocrisy of the embracers of faith. But why? It's certainly not a religious exclusive. The human animal is a marvelously, complicatedly flawed, mixed bag of meat and poo. We're all just trying figure out how to fill in the slow bits, between the good parts, until the show's over. It just seems you oughta follow your own rule book if that's the game you're gonna play...just sayin'. Maybe start with "Love thy Neighbor" or "Do unto others"...something simple.

Have Fun.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Smiles for miles! But did they count?

 Took off on a pedal around the neighborhood this morning. Did all my usual neighborhood ride prep stuff, checked tires, filled water bottle, got my earbuds, activated my Trailforks app to record my mileage and route.

I try to never take the exact same route each time. I keep certain sections on every ride, but link them differently. Mix it up, change the scenery, don't look like the weird neighbor casing the place...that sorta thing.

It felt a little cooler than the thermometer indicated, but other than that...a SPECTACULAR day. Beautiful, I was happy to be in it. Pedaled hard through flats, enjoyed the rush of downhills, even the climbs were good. The only way the ride could have been better was if it weren't on the road, but any ride is a good ride, and I'll take all I can get.

Back home, ride is done. AMPED! Based off previous, similar, but different routes, I figured it was a 13 to 15 miler! Not too shabby for single speed mountain bike on the road. Dismount, fish my phone out of my pocket to check my appraisal, pull up the app, and...I DIDN'T ACTUALLY HIT "START"! WTF?!?! Ride wasn't recorded.

I felt myself deflate a little. Bummed. Why? The ride happened, I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. Did the lack of digital confirmation somehow remove validation? "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The philosopher George Berkeley pondered this in the 1600s, he believed yes it did, because God heard it.

I'm no believer, but I do have an inexplicable, and somewhat insatiable, need for validation...



Still not a believer. It happened, I know it, MORE than good enough. Self validation? What a concept!

Have Fun!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Days later...

 So previously I said I would start doing some "journaling" here. This is literally the 4th attempt, 6 days later. I think what it comes down to is the word "journaling" sounds an awful lot like "work". While not at all afraid of work, things that "seem" like work that aren't, have never been held in the highest regard by me. Work is work. If it was fun, they wouldn't call it that...they'd call it fun, duh. You wouldn't ever hear, "Ugh...Monday...gotta go back to FUN."

I feel the same way about exercise. Don't call it that! I've been riding my bike a lot lately. LOVE it. It's FUN! Exercise is simply a pleasant by-product of the FUN.

Back to "journaling". The term also implies, to me, I should be jotting down all my deepest and darkest bits. I've done that, and while incredibly important to get out, who wants to live in the dark? So dear reader(s), how 'bout this...I ain't gonna think of it as "journaling" any more. I'm gonna write to express myself, say what I want to say. one on the internet does that, this is some groundbreaking stuff here!

To my friend Bob...It is good to be alive! Thanks for radiating your joy.

Have FUN!