Monday, December 12, 2016

Tiki Pillow...Bucky Approved!

Bought something from my own Redbubble shop. This here snazzy Tiki pillow. It is Bucky approved! Get your own right here.

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Have Fun!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tiki Thing...

Here's my latest dabble into the doodlesphere...

It's a Tiki type thing. My first "finished" drawing on the paper I mentioned in my previous post. All analog human driven ink work on paper. It was then scanned into the ol' fun box, blacks converted to dark browns, then colored and pushed in Clip Studio Paint. I'd like to give a little shout out to Brian Allen of Flyland Designs for some super sweet CSP brushes he has available on his site. Good stuff indeed!

Enough blabbering, on to the eye candy...

© Tiki Thing Mike Moore Studios 2016

Have Fun!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Toys....

My mother-in-law gave me some $cratch for my birthday (no matter how old you get, a check is always a good fit). I went on a bit of a minor Amazon shopping spree. Got some art supplies, a book I'd had my eye on, and some super responsible things replacement Foosballs, and Shop Vac filter bags.

Anyway, one of the art supplies was a ream of paper. Jake Parker, an artist whose work I really respect, has a list of "tools" on his website that he uses. He recommends using Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover, 80lb. 8 1/2" x 11". Works for him, sure can't suck for me. Well my ream showed up today. Wow! So good! It's a thin card stock basically, super white, super smooth, and bleed free on any of the pens I tested on it. Stoked is an understatement. $12.00 for 250 sheets of magic paper? Oh yeah!

Doodling quickly ensued. I did a quicky little 'toon. Paper held the ink well, it dried into the scanner it went for some digi-coloring.

This is what popped out...

Death & Trump © Mike Moore Studios 2016

Thank you again to my mother-in-law!

Have Fun!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Off to the Great White North?

Well, it's the "Day After". Even though it didn't turn out like I wanted it to, I'm real happy it's done. Don't reckon I'll be packing the family off to Toronto or similar north of the border locales. Those nice folks don't want the likes of us mucking things up. I suppose I'll just sit back, hang on, and ride it out. On the upside, there will be a lot of great punk rock made, comedians will have (hopefully only) 4 years of bottomless material, and there will be plenty of good art made....that is if we're not all sent off to re-education camps.

Way to go ' never cease to amaze.

Have Fun!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Newest Doodle...

Howdy Hey...

Did a little Tex-centric piece. Turned out alright if I do say so myself.

Real Texas Longhorn © Mike Moore Studios 2016
Have Fun!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What's cookin'?

Okey dokey folks, here's what's up these days...

It's November 3, 2016. In four short days I'll be 51. Yikes! But not really. Well, I'll really be 51, but it's not really a "yikes!" situation. It's all good and just another lap around the sun. I'm beyond happy for the love of my family and friends, and the opportunities I have. Thank you all.

I'm trying hard to make more "art", and would obviously like to transition into that being a full time PAYING gig. Currently there's some things available on my Redbubble page (? not sure what the correct term is). There's a link over here to the side > as well...but for some reason this particular Google Gadget doesn't wanna work. Anywho I'm mmoorestudios in the Redbubble universe. I may branch into other, similar, type "art" slinging sites...but so far this is the one. Also, if you're at all curious, the print quality on their shirts is stellar! It's a direct to garment (DTG) process (pretty much an inkjet printer for clothing), that prints to 100% cotton shirts, yielding a soft texture and a vibrant print.

I'm also available for commissions and freelance gigs. You can reach me through this site obviously, or email to If you're reading this...spread the love, if you're not...then I just wasted the amount of time it took to type those last 17 words.

Here's a recent addition to the visual stable...
Texadillo © Mike Moore Studios 2016

Back to the Funny Farm.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Early morning doodle fun...

I guess one of the "benefits" of advancing years is waking up way too damn early. Yesterday 5:30, today 4:55. Good times. I reckon I could spend these early morning alone times keeping up with the Kardashians, or seeing what "The Donald" is doing, but I'm awake...not suicidal.

So I've been doodling.

Yesterday begat this...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
The truly keen eyed will easily see the inspiration for this bit of fun.

This morning I "finished" it...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

The whole piece was done in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5). Good times, and I'm happy with it. Now somebody give me a billion dollars for it, and maybe I'll sleep late tomorrow.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


So yesterday I was doodling around a bit. I have a freelance gig that I'm awaiting "go" on, so in the interim I started playing with armadillos. Knocked out a few quick sketches in Clip Studio Paint (love the program, hate the name), that I wasn't overly enamored of. Looked at some Google images, did some procuring, then off to the races.

Main Ingredients:
Borrowed Photo
Photoshop CS5 (screw subscriptions Adobe)
Mister Retro Permanent Press
Mister Retro Machine Wash

Mix all together.

Let marinade.

1 hour later...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everything's, really...

I'm not a fan of "art speak". Make something cool, shut up, and see if it can stand up on it's on. I've never needed to know that your work was inspired, nay "spiritually mandated", by the long-suffering plight of blind Tunisian street mimes. The back story holds no sway for me...just gimme the goods.

Now imagine the depths of self-loathing I suffered when I awoke one morning with an image clearly in my head that HAD to be released to the wild. It was a strange new world for me. I usually have the seed of an idea that grows as I noodle around with it. This time was different. I saw, in my wee mind, a raw naked figure floating in terror and angst. "Everything's fine" was the mantra he, or maybe others, repeated over and over...trying to convince him it was true. Of course, me being me, saw this as a cartoon.

Enough blather (and please forgive me), here it is...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
In the future, I promise I'll try to maintain the numbskull approach to making "pitchers" I've cultivated thus far.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Super geekdom...

Here's an analogy I came up with that only comic/skate nerds will get...

DC is Tracker.
Marvel is Indy.

Discuss if you wish.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


A man is having a heart attack, he falls to the ground, someone screams, "Is there a doctor in the house?!?!"
Someone replies, "I'm a Vegan!"

I, traditionally, have no issue with anyone who follows their own moral compass. Cool, fine, hope you find what you're looking for. The nano-second they stop, turn around, and attempt to tell me why they're "right", I begin to lose my proverbial shit. I, in utmost seriousness, don't care. Religion?, Sexual preference? Race? Gender identity? Food Choices? Any of today's hot button societal items? Keep em to yourself.

I'm probably coming off a little Archie Bunker-ish about now, and chances are good you may not even know who Archie Bunker is, but here's the thing...I don't care who you are. Am I condemning any "affected" group. No, not at all. I'll fight for your right to be a moss eating, Jehovah's Witness, gender undecided, race neutral, bi-ped...or not, or whatever. I'm just tired of hearing about it. I am admittedly a straight, caucasian, male...but that's not my fault, nor is it my fault you're who you are, nor should it be, "fault" isn't even the right word. We is who we is. We're all on this big blue marble together, for the most part it works out better if we get along. You do you, I'll do me, there, for no logical reason, should be any conflict in that.

Oh wait...

I forgot...

There's lots of stupid people. Maybe "stupid" isn't politically correct? Narrow minded? Short sighted? Dumb as a fucking rock?

I digress.

The point being...your life is your life, live it in full technicolor grandness...does everyone need to know anything other than you're being a decent human? Not necessarily. I'm by no means telling you to not be you, but why can't we just be us instead of a lot of convoluted demographics? The more we frame ourselves in our "identities" the more we separate ourselves. We're human. We're different. We make different choices. We do different things. Until a crime is committed, no harm, no foul, no worries. Just be you, be the best you you can be, and for the love of some Pseudo-Deity to be named later, don't feel the need to shower me with tales from your identity pity party.

A very wise person once told me the only way you can be walked on, is if you're laying down. So everybody stand up, shut up, and keep rambling on....

Have fun!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Rodeo time...

Well the Belton, TX 4th of July Rodeo has come and gone. Due to the nature of our "day job" Mrs. MMS, myself, and our groms (who are both now past the legal age of consent in Texas), once again found ourselves holding complementary tickets to the big show. A good time. Sure, there's some hokum and bluster...but it's non abrasive and everyone walks away unscathed.

As per my usual m.o. I packed along the camera. I enjoy catching the public in the wild, being the public.

Here's a few of the shots. Enjoy...

Sheep © Mike Moore Studios 2016

First Time ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 
Working ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Got Your Back ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 1 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Watching ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 2 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 3 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Here's to you 'Merica! Enjoy the 4th, be happy and proud of what you have and where you are. Be safe and remember...BUTTS AND BOTTLE ROCKETS DON'T MIX!

Have Fun!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Road Trip to Dublin...

On Saturday, June 11th, my oldest son and I awoke at the God forsaken hour of 4:30 a.m and took a little road trip to the quiet town of Dublin, Tx. Dublin gained it's fame as a Dr. Pepper bottler, they lost that in 2012...but the Dublin Bottling Works is alive and well and putting out lots of tasty beverages. The reason for our trip was my son was entered into a 34 mile bike ride in the Tour De Aqua, a ride that supports child hunger relief. I went along as support, and was hoping for a chance to take some pics.

Luckily there was no support other than driving, I was left to my own creative bent.

I took some pics. Some with the handy dandy iPhone, and some with my Canon DSLR. Neither are the biggest, baddest, latest models...but both serve me well.

Here's some of the results...

Locked   ©Mike Moore Studios 2016
Lost  ©Mike Moore Studios 2016
Welcome  ©Mike Moore Studios 2016

There's more I'm still processing and noodling about with, but I reckon this is a decent helping.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things that are wrong with the Universe...

1) Axl Rose singing for AC/DC. Sounds like cats being electrocuted whilst making cat love in a blender.

That's pretty much it.

There is genocide happening in parts of the world...but Axl steals the show.

Also 90 year old men don't look good in school boy uniforms, it's gone past ironic to just fucking pathetic. Sorry Angus.

Have Fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I worry about me...

Not really, but sorta. There are things I find funny that I'm fairly confident most of the rest of the world's populace might not. Is that bad? I don't know, don't think so, but what do I know...I find weird stuff funny. My wife does her best to ground me/keep me honest/tell me to stop being weird. I'd really be in trouble without her.

But to illustrate my's this...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
I'm gonna go mow the yard now, gonna listen to Marc Maron's podcast as I do.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Not feeling overly verbose today, so straight to the "goodies"...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
Today's little exercise in Clip Studio Paint. Fun.

Have Fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It seems sometimes things just happen...

So I came home yesterday from work with an itch to doodle, and no idea where to go. I played around with playing around, with not much to show for it. Then I did it. I drew the two circular shapes that seem to start EVERY cartoonish thing I do. The eyes. Really, they're not even eyes yet...just a couple of misshapen ovals. The weird thing is, those two misshapen ovals start telling me a story...I see the personality in them (at least I do when the planets align, or whatever mystical bit of happenstance decides to happen). I swear, I'm not a fan of "the muses moved me" school of thought or similar bullshit...but here I am saying it happens on some level. I draw those two ovals, and the rest starts happening in my head. I'm no where near getting what's in my head down on paper, or monitor...but at least I'm finally able to accept whatever's going to happen isn't going to be "perfect", but the fact that it's happening is a good thing.

Yesterday's ovals turned into a fat kid with a dog. That's probably not politically it's probably a good thing I'm not in politics. The original gag got a bit of edit help from Mrs. MMS, I usually bristle a bit at "suggestions", but I'm trying to open up...and hers was spot on. Thanks babe!

Geez...I'm bored with me by now, the two of you reading this are probably asleep.

Here's "Lunch Meat"....

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
Now I think I'll go do some weed whackin' as originally planned for this morning (now afternoon).

Have Fun!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Things that make me happier than I can account for...

I have a friend. A dear friend actually. His name is Bob. Bob Loftin. Bob and I met through our mutual love of skateboards and geekdom. He'd done a trick tip sorta article for a little skate magazine I was working with, I saw he was just down the road from me (in real life), so I contacted him via the supplied email address. We've been buddies since then.

Bob is, very simply, one of the smartest people I know. His thirst for knowledge, and the ever elusive "more", is more than inspiring. He's got a love for skateboarding, knowledge, and basic goodness that we should all share. I'd be lying if I said I don't sometimes feel somewhat less than 100% human when I'm around Bob, no insult to Bob...he's just prone to reach further than my heroic state of apathy allows me to at times. (Translation...sometimes I suck).

In short, Bob's a good guy.

Bob is on a bit of a hiatus/work trip. He hooked up with a mutual friend Mike "Money" Niemann from Cockfight Skateboards in "Hate Town" aka Houston. Seems as if Money took him to the top secret Cockfight DIY Playground "Mosquito Farm".

Brother Bob got his grind on...

© Mike Money 2016

Gawd dangit....It makes me grin all over when fun is being had by folks I dig.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hey there, Hi there, etc...

Okey dokey...back to the theme of making pretty pictures, or at least making those that hopefully don't trigger violent projectile vomiting from the rank and file...

I present The Boxer. The initial sketch of this just sorta happened as I was digitally doodling one day. I kinda dug it so I pushed it further. I learned some things about my newest digi-art love Clip Studio Paint...and that's what I was really after. I'm trying to progress the craft as much as possible in the time allotted to it, which is a nice way of saying, "I'm trying to figure this shit out as I work, husband, parent, and home own". I dearly love all of the above, but someone, at some point, only alotted 24 hours to a day. Subtract the above, throw in eating and sleeping, and there ain't much time left. (Insert the sound of a grown man crying like an infant here...then discard because he's being a wimp) Life is life, the rest is either gravy or something not as pleasant. I've obviously digressed.

Pictures. I made one. Took longer than it should, but I learned some new stuff so that is good. Look now. Smile or don't.

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Hope all is well amongst the single digit masses that might see this...

Have Fun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The urgent need to squeeze juices from my melon...

Today was a day that the creative juices needed to get shook, I could feel them gelatinizing in the deeper reaches of my brain pan. It's been a bit since I did any visual bits. I was feeling the need. So I tried.

First up, a photo I took of a sign/gate that I'd noticed on my local travels. The thought was always, "Someday I'll take a pic of that." Today was the day. Armed with only my trusty iPhone, I violated a couple of traffic laws to park near the gate. I used the camera+ iPhone app for the shot and subsequent tweaking thereof. Enough rattling...

Toro Town © Mike Moore Studios 2016
Seems too as if there was some micro funk on the iPhone camera lens.

Number 2, and hopefully not regarded as such, was a quick little cartoon thing I did in Manga Studio 5, now called Clip Studio Paint. The goal wasn't to create some sorta masterwork, to that end we can all agree I was successful, but mostly to learn a few new tricks, and tools. It was fun, quick, and made me grin. What else do you need?

Give A Shit © Mike Moore Studios 2016
From the mouths of babes...

That's it for today's episode.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More observations no one needs...

No "art" to share. Sorry, but reckon you won't miss much sleep, so there's that.

Observations, thoughts, random ramblings...that's what I got. (As a quick aside, when I write these things I often picture a high school English teacher's head exploding as he/she reacts to the mangled version of "English" I bang out here, and then I laugh like a twisted Bond bad guy.)

A good bike/art/skate blog to check out is All Hail The Black Market. Stevil Kinevil has a profound grasp of turning a phrase, saying what should be said, and on the whole seemingly not giving the mandatory fuck. He talks about bikes, skateboards, art, know the important shit in life.

As always, I'm late to the party when it comes to certain social media bits. I've become a fan of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. It's chockfull of humor and people that are interesting. Maron has an uneasy ease of shooting the shit with both the wildly popular types and the less known as well. He never comes off as an asskisser that's a bonus.

While I'm throwing props to podcasts, my son and 3 of his buddies are a few episodes deep into their Brief Intermission show. College kids talking about college stuff, and geek/nerd culture. While it honestly feels a little like eavesdropping on your kid and his friends, they're all smart and make me laugh.

T.V.? I'm down for The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, & Daredevil. We knocked out season one of Jessica Jones it was good too. Another one I'm on the fence about is Hap & Leonard on the Sundance Channel, it's based off a collection of books by Texas writer Joe R. Lansdale. I've read all the books, and they were stellar...funny, raw adventures set mostly in Texas (where your's truly exists), so I feel like I know the characters...the T.V. show has yet to live up to the books. It ain't bad...but it ain't great.

Movies? Since I'm a 13 year old boy trapped in some old guy's body...I'm looking forward to the next wave of Superhero flicks. Batman V Superman. Captain America: Civil War. Suicide Squad. etc. etc. I'd love to be able to drop the names of some boutique art house movies, and wax on about the blah blah blahs...but fuck it. Give me a dude in a cape, some robots, karate, car chases, and shit blowing up and I'm good.

Me and the abbreviated version of the family (as previously noted 1 kid is off getting some higher learning), watched Reese Witherspoon's Wild the other night. It was a near 2 hour ride to "what the fuckville". I'm not so dense I didn't "get it", I'm just not sure why it was important that I did. Girl loves mom. Mom gets sick and dies. Girl gets married, does drugs, fucks other dudes, throws life off the track. Girl decides walking 1000 miles will make it better. We all feel better at the end. Yay. You don't even owe me anything for saving you the "what the fuck" part. We decided it reminded us of that Robert Redford movie All is Lost where he's lost at watch the whole thing, thinking something is gonna happen...but it never really does. Paint me the Ugly American I reckon...or at least throw some karate, or a monster or something in.

Music? The new Wolfmother record makes me happy, as does new band Western Star.

I was feeling a creative itch today, thus the writing. Hope you enjoyed.

Have fun!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stuff happened...

S'up y'all?

I've entered into the realm of infrequently updated blogs. The point of this "thing" to begin with was to share my "art". While I HAVE BEEN MAKING "ART"...I haven't been sharing it.

Why? I dunno. Lazy? A little. Time crunched? Always. Feel like no one really gives a shit? Yeah pretty much. And why should you? We've all got our lives to live, things to do, bills to pay, etc. etc. One middle aged "artist" in Outer Bumfuck, Texas rates fairly low. I'd agree. Seriously. No harm, no foul. Not, in the least bit, butt hurt.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, I do what I do for my own amusement/sanity. I make images because I need to. I doodle cartoons, for the most part, to make me smile. If someone else smiles too...BONUS. I take photos of things I find interesting, weird, amusing, whatever. If someone else digs it...BONUS. Please understand, this post is in no way a pity party. I have the odd (maybe), "gift" of both craving attention and shunning it.

But, by and large? I'm good. Stellar even. I'm blessed (if you really knew'd be laughing or at least rolling your eyes at that...but still I AM) with an amazing family and friends. Life is good.

Ok, enough blathering.

Me and Mrs. MMS took a little road trip today. I didn't take my camera, but I had my phone (I'm pretty sure at this point in society, dead people have cell plans). I took some pics. Now I'll share.

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Go out. Take a photo. Draw something. Write something. Make a world you wanna see.

Have Fun!

p.s. I typically put "" around the word "artist". Why? I feel it's a pretty pretentious word, and I even went to "art" school.  I do enjoy making images. I do so mainly for me. But again, if someone else digs something I do...BONUS.

"Art"? I reckon it's real, just not sure I do it. I'm just making things that amuse me and that I wanna see.