Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stuff happened...

S'up y'all?

I've entered into the realm of infrequently updated blogs. The point of this "thing" to begin with was to share my "art". While I HAVE BEEN MAKING "ART"...I haven't been sharing it.

Why? I dunno. Lazy? A little. Time crunched? Always. Feel like no one really gives a shit? Yeah pretty much. And why should you? We've all got our lives to live, things to do, bills to pay, etc. etc. One middle aged "artist" in Outer Bumfuck, Texas rates fairly low. I'd agree. Seriously. No harm, no foul. Not, in the least bit, butt hurt.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, I do what I do for my own amusement/sanity. I make images because I need to. I doodle cartoons, for the most part, to make me smile. If someone else smiles too...BONUS. I take photos of things I find interesting, weird, amusing, whatever. If someone else digs it...BONUS. Please understand, this post is in no way a pity party. I have the odd (maybe), "gift" of both craving attention and shunning it.

But, by and large? I'm good. Stellar even. I'm blessed (if you really knew'd be laughing or at least rolling your eyes at that...but still I AM) with an amazing family and friends. Life is good.

Ok, enough blathering.

Me and Mrs. MMS took a little road trip today. I didn't take my camera, but I had my phone (I'm pretty sure at this point in society, dead people have cell plans). I took some pics. Now I'll share.

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Go out. Take a photo. Draw something. Write something. Make a world you wanna see.

Have Fun!

p.s. I typically put "" around the word "artist". Why? I feel it's a pretty pretentious word, and I even went to "art" school.  I do enjoy making images. I do so mainly for me. But again, if someone else digs something I do...BONUS.

"Art"? I reckon it's real, just not sure I do it. I'm just making things that amuse me and that I wanna see.