Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More observations no one needs...

No "art" to share. Sorry, but reckon you won't miss much sleep, so there's that.

Observations, thoughts, random ramblings...that's what I got. (As a quick aside, when I write these things I often picture a high school English teacher's head exploding as he/she reacts to the mangled version of "English" I bang out here, and then I laugh like a twisted Bond bad guy.)

A good bike/art/skate blog to check out is All Hail The Black Market. Stevil Kinevil has a profound grasp of turning a phrase, saying what should be said, and on the whole seemingly not giving the mandatory fuck. He talks about bikes, skateboards, art, drinking...you know the important shit in life.

As always, I'm late to the party when it comes to certain social media bits. I've become a fan of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. It's chockfull of humor and people that are interesting. Maron has an uneasy ease of shooting the shit with both the wildly popular types and the less known as well. He never comes off as an asskisser either...so that's a bonus.

While I'm throwing props to podcasts, my son and 3 of his buddies are a few episodes deep into their Brief Intermission show. College kids talking about college stuff, and geek/nerd culture. While it honestly feels a little like eavesdropping on your kid and his friends, they're all smart and make me laugh.

T.V.? I'm down for The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, & Daredevil. We knocked out season one of Jessica Jones it was good too. Another one I'm on the fence about is Hap & Leonard on the Sundance Channel, it's based off a collection of books by Texas writer Joe R. Lansdale. I've read all the books, and they were stellar...funny, raw adventures set mostly in Texas (where your's truly exists), so I feel like I know the characters...the T.V. show has yet to live up to the books. It ain't bad...but it ain't great.

Movies? Since I'm a 13 year old boy trapped in some old guy's body...I'm looking forward to the next wave of Superhero flicks. Batman V Superman. Captain America: Civil War. Suicide Squad. etc. etc. I'd love to be able to drop the names of some boutique art house movies, and wax on about the blah blah blahs...but fuck it. Give me a dude in a cape, some robots, karate, car chases, and shit blowing up and I'm good.

Me and the abbreviated version of the family (as previously noted 1 kid is off getting some higher learning), watched Reese Witherspoon's Wild the other night. It was a near 2 hour ride to "what the fuckville". I'm not so dense I didn't "get it", I'm just not sure why it was important that I did. Girl loves mom. Mom gets sick and dies. Girl gets married, does drugs, fucks other dudes, throws life off the track. Girl decides walking 1000 miles will make it better. We all feel better at the end. Yay. You don't even owe me anything for saving you the "what the fuck" part. We decided it reminded us of that Robert Redford movie All is Lost where he's lost at sea....you watch the whole thing, thinking something is gonna happen...but it never really does. Paint me the Ugly American I reckon...or at least throw some karate, or a monster or something in.

Music? The new Wolfmother record makes me happy, as does new band Western Star.

I was feeling a creative itch today, thus the writing. Hope you enjoyed.

Have fun!