Thursday, April 28, 2016

It seems sometimes things just happen...

So I came home yesterday from work with an itch to doodle, and no idea where to go. I played around with playing around, with not much to show for it. Then I did it. I drew the two circular shapes that seem to start EVERY cartoonish thing I do. The eyes. Really, they're not even eyes yet...just a couple of misshapen ovals. The weird thing is, those two misshapen ovals start telling me a story...I see the personality in them (at least I do when the planets align, or whatever mystical bit of happenstance decides to happen). I swear, I'm not a fan of "the muses moved me" school of thought or similar bullshit...but here I am saying it happens on some level. I draw those two ovals, and the rest starts happening in my head. I'm no where near getting what's in my head down on paper, or monitor...but at least I'm finally able to accept whatever's going to happen isn't going to be "perfect", but the fact that it's happening is a good thing.

Yesterday's ovals turned into a fat kid with a dog. That's probably not politically it's probably a good thing I'm not in politics. The original gag got a bit of edit help from Mrs. MMS, I usually bristle a bit at "suggestions", but I'm trying to open up...and hers was spot on. Thanks babe!

Geez...I'm bored with me by now, the two of you reading this are probably asleep.

Here's "Lunch Meat"....

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
Now I think I'll go do some weed whackin' as originally planned for this morning (now afternoon).

Have Fun!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Things that make me happier than I can account for...

I have a friend. A dear friend actually. His name is Bob. Bob Loftin. Bob and I met through our mutual love of skateboards and geekdom. He'd done a trick tip sorta article for a little skate magazine I was working with, I saw he was just down the road from me (in real life), so I contacted him via the supplied email address. We've been buddies since then.

Bob is, very simply, one of the smartest people I know. His thirst for knowledge, and the ever elusive "more", is more than inspiring. He's got a love for skateboarding, knowledge, and basic goodness that we should all share. I'd be lying if I said I don't sometimes feel somewhat less than 100% human when I'm around Bob, no insult to Bob...he's just prone to reach further than my heroic state of apathy allows me to at times. (Translation...sometimes I suck).

In short, Bob's a good guy.

Bob is on a bit of a hiatus/work trip. He hooked up with a mutual friend Mike "Money" Niemann from Cockfight Skateboards in "Hate Town" aka Houston. Seems as if Money took him to the top secret Cockfight DIY Playground "Mosquito Farm".

Brother Bob got his grind on...

© Mike Money 2016

Gawd dangit....It makes me grin all over when fun is being had by folks I dig.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hey there, Hi there, etc...

Okey dokey...back to the theme of making pretty pictures, or at least making those that hopefully don't trigger violent projectile vomiting from the rank and file...

I present The Boxer. The initial sketch of this just sorta happened as I was digitally doodling one day. I kinda dug it so I pushed it further. I learned some things about my newest digi-art love Clip Studio Paint...and that's what I was really after. I'm trying to progress the craft as much as possible in the time allotted to it, which is a nice way of saying, "I'm trying to figure this shit out as I work, husband, parent, and home own". I dearly love all of the above, but someone, at some point, only alotted 24 hours to a day. Subtract the above, throw in eating and sleeping, and there ain't much time left. (Insert the sound of a grown man crying like an infant here...then discard because he's being a wimp) Life is life, the rest is either gravy or something not as pleasant. I've obviously digressed.

Pictures. I made one. Took longer than it should, but I learned some new stuff so that is good. Look now. Smile or don't.

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Hope all is well amongst the single digit masses that might see this...

Have Fun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The urgent need to squeeze juices from my melon...

Today was a day that the creative juices needed to get shook, I could feel them gelatinizing in the deeper reaches of my brain pan. It's been a bit since I did any visual bits. I was feeling the need. So I tried.

First up, a photo I took of a sign/gate that I'd noticed on my local travels. The thought was always, "Someday I'll take a pic of that." Today was the day. Armed with only my trusty iPhone, I violated a couple of traffic laws to park near the gate. I used the camera+ iPhone app for the shot and subsequent tweaking thereof. Enough rattling...

Toro Town © Mike Moore Studios 2016
Seems too as if there was some micro funk on the iPhone camera lens.

Number 2, and hopefully not regarded as such, was a quick little cartoon thing I did in Manga Studio 5, now called Clip Studio Paint. The goal wasn't to create some sorta masterwork, to that end we can all agree I was successful, but mostly to learn a few new tricks, and tools. It was fun, quick, and made me grin. What else do you need?

Give A Shit © Mike Moore Studios 2016
From the mouths of babes...

That's it for today's episode.

Have Fun!