Sunday, June 12, 2016

Road Trip to Dublin...

On Saturday, June 11th, my oldest son and I awoke at the God forsaken hour of 4:30 a.m and took a little road trip to the quiet town of Dublin, Tx. Dublin gained it's fame as a Dr. Pepper bottler, they lost that in 2012...but the Dublin Bottling Works is alive and well and putting out lots of tasty beverages. The reason for our trip was my son was entered into a 34 mile bike ride in the Tour De Aqua, a ride that supports child hunger relief. I went along as support, and was hoping for a chance to take some pics.

Luckily there was no support other than driving, I was left to my own creative bent.

I took some pics. Some with the handy dandy iPhone, and some with my Canon DSLR. Neither are the biggest, baddest, latest models...but both serve me well.

Here's some of the results...

Locked   ©Mike Moore Studios 2016
Lost  ©Mike Moore Studios 2016
Welcome  ©Mike Moore Studios 2016

There's more I'm still processing and noodling about with, but I reckon this is a decent helping.

Have Fun!