Monday, July 4, 2016

Rodeo time...

Well the Belton, TX 4th of July Rodeo has come and gone. Due to the nature of our "day job" Mrs. MMS, myself, and our groms (who are both now past the legal age of consent in Texas), once again found ourselves holding complementary tickets to the big show. A good time. Sure, there's some hokum and bluster...but it's non abrasive and everyone walks away unscathed.

As per my usual m.o. I packed along the camera. I enjoy catching the public in the wild, being the public.

Here's a few of the shots. Enjoy...

Sheep © Mike Moore Studios 2016

First Time ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 
Working ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Got Your Back ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 1 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Watching ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 2 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Charro 3 ©Mike Moore Studios 2016 

Here's to you 'Merica! Enjoy the 4th, be happy and proud of what you have and where you are. Be safe and remember...BUTTS AND BOTTLE ROCKETS DON'T MIX!

Have Fun!