Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Early morning doodle fun...

I guess one of the "benefits" of advancing years is waking up way too damn early. Yesterday 5:30, today 4:55. Good times. I reckon I could spend these early morning alone times keeping up with the Kardashians, or seeing what "The Donald" is doing, but I'm awake...not suicidal.

So I've been doodling.

Yesterday begat this...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
The truly keen eyed will easily see the inspiration for this bit of fun.

This morning I "finished" it...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

The whole piece was done in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5). Good times, and I'm happy with it. Now somebody give me a billion dollars for it, and maybe I'll sleep late tomorrow.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


So yesterday I was doodling around a bit. I have a freelance gig that I'm awaiting "go" on, so in the interim I started playing with armadillos. Knocked out a few quick sketches in Clip Studio Paint (love the program, hate the name), that I wasn't overly enamored of. Looked at some Google images, did some procuring, then off to the races.

Main Ingredients:
Borrowed Photo
Photoshop CS5 (screw subscriptions Adobe)
Mister Retro Permanent Press
Mister Retro Machine Wash

Mix all together.

Let marinade.

1 hour later...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everything's, really...

I'm not a fan of "art speak". Make something cool, shut up, and see if it can stand up on it's on. I've never needed to know that your work was inspired, nay "spiritually mandated", by the long-suffering plight of blind Tunisian street mimes. The back story holds no sway for me...just gimme the goods.

Now imagine the depths of self-loathing I suffered when I awoke one morning with an image clearly in my head that HAD to be released to the wild. It was a strange new world for me. I usually have the seed of an idea that grows as I noodle around with it. This time was different. I saw, in my wee mind, a raw naked figure floating in terror and angst. "Everything's fine" was the mantra he, or maybe others, repeated over and over...trying to convince him it was true. Of course, me being me, saw this as a cartoon.

Enough blather (and please forgive me), here it is...

© Mike Moore Studios 2016
In the future, I promise I'll try to maintain the numbskull approach to making "pitchers" I've cultivated thus far.

Have Fun!