Tuesday, March 19, 2024

I had to...It's the law.

"Bluebonnets" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

 By law in the State of Texas every citizen must take a keepsake photo of something placed lovingly in a bluebonnet patch a minimum of once every 10 years*. Our kids are too grown to be able to talk them into it, and the cat just won't cooperate, so I had to make do.

While out on this ride, the mind meltingly grand idea to incorporate each ride with a post here came to be. I want to challenge myself to come up with something to write about or an image to share. My pocket microbrain (phone) is with me to keep track of the rides, may as well use it as the Swiss Army documenting device that it is. Generating creativity is the goal...and riding my bike. 2 great things the ol' peanut butter and chocolate commercial. "You got your photo on my bike ride." Hopefully something more clever, or at least vaguely funny, will transpire than that last little bit of quotation mark contained tripe.

Naturally once the idea was born, the panic soon followed. "Well, now what?" That's completely what I don't want, pressure to perform. I'm going to attempt to...RELAX. That's the whole point of all of it, right? Get out, see something, do something, CHILL. So, I'm gonna listen to music, ride my bike, think my thoughts (maybe jot down a note or 2), take some pix of interesting things, and enjoy the process of being in it, doing it.

"Monolith" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

My rambling took me into part of a local Corps of Engineers park that has been closed to cars since the park flooded in the early 90s. Nature, time, and the typical bored miscreant has reclaimed, or destroyed much of the park's former creature comforts. This old concrete water fountain caught my eye. I suppose I could get all arty and say something about the contrast between manmade and nature and blah blah blah. I just thought it looked cool.

Oh yeah, if you wanna be an Ace Photographer, just like yer ol' pal Mike here's how: I'm using an iPhone 14 standard model. Photo app of choice is currently Hipstamatic Classic with the Tejas "lens" and Ina's 1969 "film". Hipstamatic has been around for a long while, one of the OGs in the "put a cool filter on your snapshots" game. I've decided to use it and the settings to create a cohesive look, so you the beloved user, has a more pleasant viewing experience. Ya know, cause I'm a giver.

Take some time to treat yourself right. Heck, treat somebody else right too.

Have Fun!

*The legally astute amongst you will quickly realize that this is a complete fabrication, no such law exists in Texas. It IS however illegal in Texas to eat your neighbor's garbage...without permission. Look it up.

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