Tuesday, March 12, 2024

See? I told you...

"Dam...That was fun!" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

I knew keeping this thing up would be hit or miss when I started it. Seems I've missed more than I've hit. It's the thought that counts, right? Nah, it's doing something that counts. No matter, no I is in all my radiant splendor...shouting into the ether.

When I started whatever this is, I called it Random Rambling because I figured I'd just, well, ramble randomly about whatever dumb thing crossed my mind, also to pimp my "art". On a bike ride today I got to thinking maybe I should refine that all somehow. Rambling will still be part of it for sure, just less random.

So without further delay, I bring you Random Rambling 2.0. Same dumb things, same "art" pimping, but now with a bike theme. By bike I mostly mean Mountain Bike. By Mountain Bike I mostly mean Hardtail Mountain Bike. Riding my bike takes me places, some tangible, some not so. I got it with skateboarding too. There's a flow that quiets the noise and dials in the focus a little tighter.  I need that, those around me need me to have that.

Go ride a bike, or a skateboard, see something different, do something different, think something different. Smile and enjoy your little hunk of the mothership...before it crashes and burns. Make some art. Be nice to people. All super easy to do, and I like things that are super easy due to chronically terminal laziness.

Have Fun!

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