Monday, May 6, 2024

I was going to pontificate, but...

"Road Closed" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

Took this shot out on my ride this morning. I was going to pontificate about both the real & metaphorical road being blocked before me, but nah...

It's been raining for, I think, ever around here. We're at least a solid week from trails being doable again. I had to get out. Cabin Fever is no joke. Lake is up, road closed, had to go around. Got 14 miles in. Had to pee. Went home. Road excitement! Can you feel it? Gimme my trails back!!!

There...that's the Reader's Digest appraisal of today's tire spin.

April went by in a blur, but it sucked. As mentioned previously we lost our boy Bucky. Life wasn't done with the shake ups though. That night, after having to put Bucky to sleep, the phone rang. What we thought were gonna be condolences turned out to be just more terrible news. One of our family's best friends/adopted uncle had died. We're all still kind of in shock. I've seen cat ghosts, and I've nearly texted my lost friend more times than I wanna admit. Death is waiting for us all, no doubt...inescapable part of the story. Obviously there are those that welcome that part, but for those that whose time shouldn't be done?! Gimme the Hollywood ending. And not the Old Yeller one.

Have Fun!

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