Thursday, March 28, 2024


"Reflecting" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

There's a reflecting pond at my go to riding spot. There's a nice bench there dedicated, I'm sure lovingly, in someone's honor. Due to non climate change related drought (here's hoping sarcasm isn't dead) the pond has been a bleak bin of silt until just recently. The pond is now verdant with all sorts of probably beneficial, but certainly slimy and not ungross, mosses, algae, and other bits of ol Mom Nature's finest yuck.

So me, being me, got to pondering during my pedal...

Do the types of reflections one has fit the scene? And if so, is it better to reflect over a dusty barren nothingness, or an emerald hued vomitous goo? Should you wait until something better comes along? I got no answers for you, just the questions. I, like most of us I reckon, do my bits of ruminating to all sorts of ends, a monotonous proclamation if ever there were one. The emotional wheel of fortune gets a good spin. Sometimes Pat and Vanna are there with fabulous prizes, and sometimes it's just a lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni and a home version of the game. If looking BACK helps NOW, obviously it's a good and welcome thing. If that's not the result, then I question the medicine.

You gotta go through things to get places, a simple and true statement. Should you go back through things if they take you nowhere?

This was about the time that I realized I was thinking too much, or was it reflecting? Dammit! Stupid pond got me.

Have Fun!

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