Monday, April 1, 2024

My huevos dropped...

"Huevos" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

It’s the day after Easter, and I’m proud to say my huevos have dropped. This pic doesn’t do much for it, and maybe it’s not much, but this drop has kept its dirty middle finger rudely raised in my direction for longer than I care to fess up to. I couldn’t muster the cojones. I could easily and plainly see the line and that it SHOULD be doable, just couldn't commit.

Today, I wasn’t really 100% amped to be riding here, bit of the ol’ same ol’ same ol’. Made my mind up to spice it up, do something different, fun, challenging, or maybe even all the above. This section was the one I was imagining as I was contemplating that. You don't have to, but typically I ride past this turn, do another section, come back to it. Same for today, rode past, took a glance..."Today, you will be mine", rode on. Next section is a fun swoopy swath of single track with a short, shifty, stab of a climb at the end. Usually, despite my best efforts and eating all my vegetables, a dab, but today was clean. Well hell, is this really gonna be my day? 

Now, dangerously full of not only piss BUT vinegar as well, I rolled up, dropped the dropper and my sack. I did it. There was a nano second flirtation with a panic'd brake grab that I talked myself down from. At this point all I could wonder is why I waited.

Finished the ride, came back for the shot, didn’t look at all scary anymore. Reckon that monster is safely kicked out from under the bed.

Damn it feels good to stand up to your bullies.

Have Fun!

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